Use cases

In this section, find some examples of use cases. Communities, office buildings, residential or solar production and photovoltaic installations...
For each case, there is a Fludia solution!

OFFICE BUILDING: Monitoring of consumption

In this office building, the Smart Building solutions integrator wanted to offer its wealth management client the monitoring of electricity consumption of all professional tenants.

In this building consisting of 90 offices with a subscription <36kW per office, the problem was finding a solution for immediate remote reading which is compatible with the large variety of electricity meters (electronic or electromechanical model).

Fludia recommended the BelSenso FM230 Optical Interface for each of the 90 meters in the basement of the building. The sensors were then connected to already installed PLCs.

The easy and fast installation did not require any new meters and therefore avoided expensive costs related to heavier instrumentation.

RETAIL STORES: Optimizing supply costs and controlling consumption

This European fashion distributor wished to pursue the following two objectives:
- to renegotiate its energy supply contracts in the short term
- to know the exact electricity consumption of its 150 shops in order to implement a perennial energy control policy in the medium term

The solution chosen was the BelSenso FM410 IoT sensors as they have increased implementation agility and easy analysis:
- The "Plug and play" guaranteed a quick buildup of consumption history in just a few months, very useful for energy suppliers to offer their best rates
- Measuring consumption over a period of 1mn allowed us to identify the most energy-consuming equipment, power peaks and floor of consumption, and to validate potential
savings before considering a more structural and thorough investment phase.

SOLAR PRODUCTION: performance monitoring and ROI

In order to ensure real performance over time for solar PV installations, it is necessary to monitor closely and permanently the production power curve. This remote measurement of the production curve allows for the detection not only of a decrease in general performance but also of various cases of anomalies.

Our clients which are managing PV production sites are using our connected sensor products, based on LoRaWAN (FM432e product) or GPRS (FM410 product) technologies in order to guarantee an efficient monitoring. Installation on the existing meter being really easy, deployment is straightforward and the global cost is reduced.

They can detect different kinds of problems, either progressive ones (dust, shadows...) or sudden (breakdown, breakage, foreign object...). The data is sufficiently detailed (10 minutes or 1 minute) for meaningful analysis. Thus, the ability to react rapidly and choose the right course of action is significantly increased, which is essential for maximizing ROI.

PHOTOVOLTAIC & SELF-CONSUMPTION: evaluation of self-consumption potential

To qualify the potential of site-consumption and to accurately determine the return on investment of the installation, it is essential to know the exact consumption profile to correlate it to the level of solar production.

A photovoltaic system installer recently installed Belsenso FM432 connected sensors to easily collect the consumption curves of future sites over a variable period (a few days to a few weeks).

The precise measurement allows each client to better identify the site-consumption by associating it with the main activity cycles, and to demonstrate the real potential of site-consumption with its forecast of financial gain.

MUNICIPALITY: Public lighting budget optimization

During a tender for the renewal of a public lighting contract, a medium-sized city wanted to optimize the management of all lighting points (around 6000 points, 200 cabinets).

This consumption control is carried out at the street cabinets and consists mainly of daily checking the energy consumed, triggering schedules and stopping of the lighting points, the level of variable power regulation during the night.

Our Smart City solutions integrator has selected one IoT sensor to equip each electricity meter installed in each cabinet and to collect the 10mn consumption curve.

In parallel with the energy savings, this curve also makes it possible to identify the possible failure of certain lighting points each day and to quickly organize the appropriate maintenance actions.

RESIDENTIAL: Smart control of energy consumption

An energy supplier wanted to offer its residential clients complete control of their energy consumption via a centralized smart station.

This station offers the possibility of regulating consumption according to two criteria: the first relating to "Comfort" by adjusting the temperature of the rooms via connected thermostats and the second relating to "Budget" by very precisely controlling the consumption of the accommodation with IoT Belsenso Fludia sensors interfaced with electricity and gas meters.

The universality of the sensors and their secure installation by residents has been key for successfully launching this service offer throughout the area, by addressing the residential housing environment in all its diversity and in its entirety.

MUNICIPALITY : Consumption Monitoring of Communal Buildings

In this case, a municipality wanted to monitor the electricity consumption of its communal buildings including an elementary school (600 children).

In this school, where the yellow subscription was fixed at 96 kW, Fludia’s partner suggestion the installation of a BelSenso FM410 sensor with a GPRS remote-reading network. This installation was performed in less than 30 minutes.

For the data consumption display, the partner selected the ExploConso module. It enables the client to visualize the data (such as daily, average and peak consumption) through charts updated daily.


Within the framework of the European directive relating to the energy efficiency of buildings, our design office was commissioned by an asset manager to carry out an energy audit of 20 units and support it in reducing costs by requesting a plan commendable action.

The first step consisted in analyzing with precision the global consumption data for each site, collected at the level of the general counter. For some remotely readable meters, the 10mn data acquisition was organized simply via access to the platform offered by the energy distributor.

For other older generation electricity, the use of FM300 load curve recorders FM332Log for electricity was favored to minimize intervention costs and maintain the initial planning of the mission.

BANK AGENCY: Low cost multi-site monitoring

In this case, a large bank wanted to remotely collect the electricity consumption of some of its agencies (nearly 200 agencies).

Fludia’s integrating partner proposed to install an optical interface linked to a GPRS gateway in each agency. The instrumentation has been achieved on all existing meters (even on the oldest meters) without any service interruption, (a majority of electromechanical meters).