In this section you will find all Fludia sensors using LoRa technology for the transmission of multifluid consumption data and enabling fast and low-cost remote reading.

FM432e - Capteur IoT LoRaWAN - Electricity

- Plug & Play: support for non-intrusive optical reading technology
- Communication: ensured connectivity to all LoRaWAN 1.0 networks
- Accurate: high resolution measurement up to 1min
- Self-powered: up to 8 years
- Customized: multiple versions (1mn, 10ou 15mn, 1h) adapted to you remote reading requirement

Examples of implementation

- Offices, retail stores: smart monitoring and budget optimization (power adjustment and floor consumption)
- Residential: consumption analysis by use ("Disag" option), detection of main devices (frequency, hours of use, etc.)
- Public lighting: budget monitoring, regulation monitoring and schedule programming
- Autoconsumption: help with the sizing of the installation with the analysis of the real consumption profile and the correlation with the simulated PV production curve.


- FM432e
- FM432e – Linky (specific adapter)
- FM432e – Disag (includes an application unit for the detection of uses / generation of energy tips)

FM432g - IoT LoRaWAN Sensor - Gas

- Plug & Play: non-intrusive optical reading technology
- Universal: compatible with all gas meters with mechanical display
- Communication: ensured connectivity to all LoRaWAN 1.0 networks
- Accurate: consumption measurement in 10mn
- Self-powered: up to 5 years of battery
- ATEX zone 1 Certification: II 2 G Ex ib op is IIA T3 Gb

Examples of implementation

- Small businesses (independent professions, retail stores, craftspeople, agencies) annual consumption typically less than 200MWh/year: consumption monitoring for detection of overconsumption and budget control.
- Residential: consumption monitoring for the management of occupant comfort and detection of consumption anomalies


- FM432g

FM432p - IoT LoraWAN Sensor - Pulse

- Universal: compatible with all multifluid meters with pulse output
Communication: ensured connectivity to all LoRaWAN 1.0 networks
- Long-lasting self-power: up to10 years
- Customized: multiple versions (10 or 15mn, 1h) adapted to your remote reading requirement
- ATEX Zone 1 certification: INERIS 15ATEX0041X / II 2 G Ex ib IIA T3 Gb

Examples of implementation

- Offices, retail stores: smart monitoring and optimization of consumption and subscription
-  Residential: smart monitoring, anomaly detection and energy saving


- FM432p-a (ATEX)
- FM432p-n (NON-ATEX)

IMC Internet Meter Connect - Multifluid

- Plug & Play: multi-meter non-intrusive monitoring solution (10 max)
- Universal: FM232 sensors with differentiated optical reading (electricity or gas meter) or pulse output (water or heat meter)
- Communication: integrated LoRa point-to-point solution, including FM232 sensors and F-link hub (Wi-Fi/Eth) for remote data collection via an internet box
- Customized: multiple FM232 versions (frequency 1mn, 10mn ou 15mn)
- Data recovery in csv or json format

Examples of implementation

- Small businesses (retail stores, craftspeople, agencies): multifluid monitoring for the supervision of all consumption and budget control.
- Residential: multifluid monitoring for detecting uses and managing occupant comfort