Fludia offers multifluid kits for collecting consumption data from different meters (electricity, gas, water, heat).

The goal: to have an overview of a building’s energy consumption, to understand the floor of consumption, to detect anomalies and generate savings.

IMC Internet Meter Connect - LoRa - Multifluid

- Plug & Play: multi-meter non-intrusive monitoring solution (10 max)
- Universal: FM232 sensors with differentiated optical reading (electricity or gas meter) or pulse output (water or heat meter)
- Communication: integrated LoRa point-to-point solution, including FM232 sensors and F-link hub (Wi-Fi/Eth) for remote data collection via an internet box
- Customized: multiple FM232 versions (frequency 1mn, 10mn ou 15mn)
- Data recovery in csv or json format

Examples of implementation

- Small businesses (retail stores, craftspeople, agencies): multifluid monitoring for the supervision of all consumption and budget control.
- Residential: multifluid monitoring for detecting uses and managing occupant comfort