Data privacy


When navigating through our website, information about your navigation may be saved into "Cookies" files on your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone...).
The information below is aimed to let you better understand how cookies work and the tools you can use to configure them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, image or software containing information and savec on the hard drive of your terminal (ie: computer, tablet, smartphone or any device used to navigate on the internet) when visiting a website with your Internet browser. It is transmitted from a server of an Internet website to your navigator. The cookie file contains information about the visited webpages, the browser type you use, your IP address, and allows the emitter to identify the terminal on which it was saved on, during the period of validity of the concerned cookie.
The cookie emitter is the only one able to read or edit information contained into them.
Cookies improve your navigation comfort on our website. As indicated into our cookie banner of our website, by continuing the navigation on our website you accept saving cookies on your terminal.
You can change at any time the way you accept or not saving cookies (see below: how to refuse cookies saving).

Why do we use cookies?

We use 2 types of cookies which usages are described bolow.
Certain technical cookies (session cookies for instance) are essential for the website to work properly. Blocking them could lead to navigation difficulties.

1. Technical cookies
Technical cookies are strictly necessary for the website to work properly. They aim to facilitate communication for providing e-services based on your demand. These cookies are removed as soon as you close your navigation session.
These cookies are created and sent by Fludia. They have, for most of them, a very short lifetime and maximum one year.

2. Audience and statistic measurement cookies
These cookies collect information on the way our visitors use an Internet website. For instante, the number of visits, the pages most visited... These cookies allow us to make frequentation statistics and improve our website content based on success of some website pages from our visitors
Google, the statistic tool used by Fludia, create a cookie with an unique ident which lifetime is limited to 6 months. We collect the IP address to locate the city from which you are connected. The last two bytes are systematically anonymised.
Data collected by theses cookies are strictly seen, managed and used by Fludia and are not ceeded nor used to any other finality than audience and statistic measurement.

How to manage cookies?

There are many ways for you to manage cookies. Every setting that you will be able to do may change you navigation and access conditions to certain cervices needing cookies to work properly.