In this section you will find Fludia sensors using GPRS technology for production or consumption data collect. Includes high-resolution remote reading (1mn) as a key feature for efficient monitoring.

FM410 - GPRS sensor - Electricity

- Plug & Play: non-intrusive optical reading technology
-  Communication: ensured connectivity to all GPRS networks
- Accurate: high resolution measurement up to 1min
- Self-powered: up to 5 years
- Customized: multiple versions (1mn, 10mn), customizable remote reading frequency


- Photovoltaic installations: monitoring the production of medium and large roofs and detecting faults or low performances in installed systems.
- Office building (medium-sized buildings 500 to 1000 m²): consumption monitoring, highlighting the peculiarities of the curve (peak power, standby, period of activity vs. inactivity) and optimization of contracts
- Community buildings: building energy monitoring as part of the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) which requires verification of the energy efficiency improvement levels of contractually defined constructions.


- FM410e for electronic meters, also called digital, and pulse-output submeters
- FM410m for electromechanical meters, also called Ferraris